Brandi C.

I have been in the veterinary field for 26yrs with experience in all postions within and also an Associates in Business Administration from Purdue Global with focus on Information Processing and Management. I have always had a strong desire to help those without a voice and truly love what I do. I am a coffee addicted mother of a 20yr.old daughter, whom luckily I rubbed off somewhat on because she brought home Taco my 7yr.old chihuahua. I also have a 9yr old Shihzu named Remy that came to me paralyzed in the back legs, but after extensive physical therapy and laser treatments he started walking and by then,he was family. Wednesday my 14yr old torti with a tude.Randall my chameleon and Bean the guinea pig. In my spare time I care for a colony of 10 cats, draw, play SIMS, keep my many plants alive, enjoy racing, and anything that has to do with my car.
Fav music:90s/2000s anything and MGK
Fave color:pink
Fave food:Mexican….and coffee