Brandi C.

Purdue Global University, Associates in Business Administration, 2017
ProHeart6 + ProHeart12 Certified, 2020

Personal + Professional:
Brandi came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2020 with 20 years of experience in the veterinary field as a veterinary assistant, customer service representative, and kennel technician. She believes her purpose is to care for animals in need, and maintains that the best veterinary care includes compassion, empathy, and client and team member relationships. When she’s not making sure everything at the clinic is running smoothly, she’s singing, drawing, and going to concerts. She loves playing The Sims online and looks forward to her yearly beach visits.

Loves of her Life:
Together, Brandi and her partner, Robert, have raised an amazing daughter, Kaysie. Brandi’s pets include George (a mutt formally known as Pootie Tootie), Taco (chihuahua miniature pinscher rescue), Remy (shih zhu foster fail), Wednesday (rescued torti cat with a tude), Bean (guinea pig), Randall (veiled chameleon), and a baby tree frog! She also cares for and feeds an outdoor colony of eight cats.

Indy Favorites:
Bonfires with Family